Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Clear Cell Sarcoma

Another long day at the hospital, this time he is having an overnight stay. Surgery for tomorrow (thursday) has now been postponed. The running nose he has had for the last week has developed into some sort of viral infection. He didn't eat much today, temperature has been up and down, heart rate was also up, he had the runs and got a rash. The doctors therefore decided to put it off until monday.

During the day he still had a bone scan and CT brain scan, and they also threw in a chest xray for good measure (due to him being sick today). The last part of the bone scan will be completed tomorrow morning and I suppose someone will tell us the results when they get around to it.

The official name of the tumor is Clear Cell Sarcoma of Infancy. It would be better to have a Wilms Tumor but Ethan doesn't do things by halves. Best not to look it up on google. We will hear more about the treatment (chemo) after surgery.

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