Thursday, May 27, 2004

mmmm jelly

Ethan was active before we arrived this morning, he pulled the portacath line out and also had a crack at his epidural. He probably had a go at his catheter too. He finally was allowed some food, half a jelly cup, he wanted more but we didn't want him to vomit. He had a good wake period in the morning, before having a big sleep in the afternoon. He woke up reasonably happy after that and had a whole cup of jelly, while watching the wiggles. He has definitely turned the corner today.

The epidural and catheter are coming out tomorrow. They are still hoping for a weekend discharge.

We had the meeting with the Oncologist Consultant this evening. He says there is no evidence of spread. Starting monday, Ethan will begin chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Chemo will be for about 7 months and radiotherapy about 2 weeks. We are still absorbing the treatment plan and will give more details later. Too tired to add more tonight,

cheers Luke and Jo


Anonymous said...

What a difference a day makes. Great to see your little boy hopping into food and drink, who the day before couldn't. Great website Luke and Jo. Thanks for letting us know about his progress this way. Thinking about him all the time. Best wishes from Frankie xxx

Anonymous said...

It's usually a good sign when people start to try and disconnect themselves from things... As well as making everyone who's involved in caring for him earn their money!
Sounds like things are, as you say, turning the corner; both the discharge and the consultant's news sounds good.
Thanks for giving us the chance to share in your journey, and good luck with everything as it unfolds.
Daniel Seller.