Monday, May 24, 2004


Well, today went as good as could be hoped for. The surgeon seemed quite pleased with himself when we first saw him post op, always a good sign. He said the kidney removal was pretty straight forward and there was no visible signs of spread. Some lymph samples were taken for testing. The portacath was inserted and bone marrow was also taken for testing. His recovery so far has consisted mainly of sleeping. His good kidney is passing urine fine although he has had a temperature this evening. At around 5pm his heart rate dropped to somewhere in the 70's a couple of times but spontaneously came up again. The medical Fellow said it could be due to the anesthetic, but they decided to turn down the epidural block a bit to make sure that wasn't the cause.

Not wanting to be left out of the action, Adele started coughing in a weird way today. A visit to the GP has diagnosed Croup! Hopefully the cortisone prescribed will fix it up and she doesn't have to join her brother at MMC.

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Good to here it went well Luke.