Wednesday, May 26, 2004

slow progress

Ethan had a good night, but in the morning he started getting fidgety and uncomfortable. The Pain Team reviewed him again and decided his abdominal pain was still being covered by the epidural but he most likely has constipation. A sup was ordered. Cardiology, Surgery and Physio all reviewed him again. They all seemed reasonably happy with his progress. The Oncologist Consultant called in to say the results from the lab won't be known until tomorrow now. We have a meeting with him tomorrow night. During the afternoon, Ethan's temp kept slowly increasing, and was reasonably high for about 5 hours. Blood and urine tests were done during this time to look for infection. Yet another chest xray was ordered, looking for lung infection. We have been trying to move him around to help with recuperation and to lessen the likelihood of a chest infection. He seems pretty miserable, but perked up today when Erin came to visit. Thomas the Tank Engine videos are going down OK also. It seems like little progress has been made today and the removal of the epidural tomorrow unlikely.

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