Monday, June 28, 2004

day 1 radiotherapy

Ethan didn't have a good night last night. He had a small vomit early on, followed by episodes of abdo pain, and then he managed to get the nasogastric tube wrapped around his neck. He seemed to settle after this but Jo was worried about him strangling himself and didn't sleep that well.

Today radiotherapy commenced. The procedure takes about half an hour. Radiotherapy itself only takes a couple of minutes, but we have to add an anaesthetic. He has antinausea medication half an hour before to help prevent any vomiting post anaesthetic. Today he went to sleep in Jo's arms. He seems to know and understand this part of the procedure. Everything ran smoothly and he woke with no problem. (There were no concerns about his oxygen levels which is a nice feeling).

He still isn't eating or drinking and has started to look dehydrated. The abdo cramps are not getting any better but he is now tolerating the feeds at 60mls per hour. The abdo cramping is a side effect of the weekly chemo. Another side effect he has is numbness and tingling in his extremities. He refuses to stand and looks pretty crippled at times. Not an easy thing to deal with.

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Anonymous said...

hi jo and luke
sorryn to here the little guy has been in pain with the abdo cramps, i hope that this settles down soon, alana and ree ree want me to send a big kiss and hug to ethy and the girls. noelz