Sunday, June 20, 2004

home for a bit

The cardiology team reviewed the echo's and decided it is not endocarditis. A huge relief, no open heart op. (yet!) It became apparent he was fighting one huge flu bug! A daily hormone injection which increases the amount of white cells at a rapid rate was commenced. His cardiologist spoke to us about having all treatment at the kids. This was so he can keep an eye on things. Sounds good for Ethan but for the rest of the family....not good. 7+ months of Ronald Mac house, isn't appealing. The oncology ward at the kids is also not the best place for Erin and Adele. On Friday Ethan was no longer neutropaenic, all IV antibiotics were ceased. All quacks were happy for us to go (infectious diseases, cardiology, and oncology). What do you mean he can go home, he still has oxygen and feeds going! At this stage he was on 2L of oxygen and desating at times. He was also on 3/4 maintenance with the naso feeds. He had commenced eating packets of chips and biscuits, not the best diet! Due to him being stable, a transfer back to Monash for the weaning of oxygen and feeds was arranged. The transfer took place Friday evening. He continued to improve over the weekend with his oxygen being removed Sunday morning. We were seen by his oncologist who decided we could go home, one problem the feeds! The feed situation hadn't improved at all. The oncologist decided he could go home with the naso pump. The dietitian was called and an education session arranged on how to manage this at home. Maybe now is a good time to tell worries Jo's a nurse! We were discharged.

Home at last. We have an appointment on Tuesday in the day chemo centre and then off to Peter Mac for radiotherapy simulation on Wednesday. Not sure of the plan after this but we are due for a weeks chemo and a week of radiotherapy. So only a short stay.


Mary Ann Hoath said...

Glad to rad that you are home Luke.
All the best from Mary Ann Hoath

Anonymous said...

here's hoping the little fella family enjoy each other in their own environment for a while:)
love the olssonsxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ethan from Ho Chi Min City, Glad to hear you are home for a little bit and great to be able to access this site from over here. It is very hot and humid here, a clean, bustling city with over 3 million motor bikes. I think they are all on the road at once! Had a look around today with a young couple from Melbourne and head off to the Mekong Delta tomorrow. Will catch up with John on Wednesday and then start our trip north. Stay well and enjoy being home. Lots of love from Nanny Kaye xx Kisses to Erin and Adele and Mum and Dad as well, Cheers.....

Anonymous said...

HI everyone
glad to hear that ethy and you guys get a short break to come home. Thinking of you all. love noelene, alana and ree ree.