Thursday, June 24, 2004

in again

The antinausea medication prescribed seemed to do little as the vomiting continued at home and during the wee hours of the morning he managed to vomit the naso gastric tube out...not pretty. After he showered and had more antinausea medication, he settled and slept until 8:30. At this stage he looked pretty pale and miserable, he had a low temp, and was still trying to spew. I called Monash and was told to give more zofran and to bring him in. (he had already had over the prescribed dosage) The trip seemed to take forever. I had time to organise the girls, (not that I was using the phone while driving), catch the next round of vomit and give a little road rage! We were seen in emergency straight away. His port was accessed and some fluid given. We then had to sit and wait for a bed upstairs. 6 1/2 hours later we were admitted to 41north. His fluid was increased to 150% maintenance. This picked him up a lot and he managed to scoff down a banana which looked better the first time than the second! He will continue on the antinausea medication and fluid for the next couple of days. Hopefully we get home before the start of the next cycle.


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