Thursday, June 10, 2004

more fever

Summary for the day- Miserable in the morning due to fevers, so blood tests and an xray were ordered. The haemoglobin was low so a blood transfusion was given. The fever seemed to stop by the evening and he did some walking. He has put on weight now and is over 10Kg again, thanks to the naso-gastric tube (he's still not eating much on his own). He still has 3 antibiotics going.

Give blood for Ethy - especially you O positive people!


Anonymous said...

At least he has put on some weight.

I can't give you O+, but I've given plenty of O-.

Hang in there buddy.


Anonymous said...

Ethan must be a Hanley - plenty of O+'s around, including Peenie who is making inquiries into donating for the first time

(we're testing the post setup)


Monas and Johnny

Anonymous said...

Tenacious little bugger, can really see that Hanley fire in his eyes! ;)

Will any other blood type do? No O+ here for you, only A+ and A- :(

Our thoughts and best wishes to all of you. This is a most humbling experience.

Ben, Ruth and Charlotte

P.S. I've tipped the Don's this week against my own better judgement....something tells me they have luck on their side

Anonymous said...

Any type of blood donation is excellent, theres at least 16 types of blood products made from blood for many types of illnesses, you may not be able to help Ethy directly but helping someone else. JH

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