Thursday, June 03, 2004

no peter mac

Ethan didn't like the sound of going to Peter Mac, so when the doctors found he had a temperature in the morning, it was postponed until next wednesday. A chest xray and blood tests were ordered. The results of these couldn't have been too bad as chemo started again after lunch.

He had quite a few visitors during the day. His heart condition seems to be well known at the hospital as quite a few student doctors seem to want to listen to his heart. We allow this as he is quite comfortable with a stethoscope. The dietician came to check his eating. We normally add polyjoule to his food at home, but since his time in hospital he hasn't had any supplements and has lost about a kilo in weight. We were provided with an additional menu, polyjoule and a toddler version of S26 formula which can be used to make milk drinks.

The rest of the week will be chemo treatment and hopefully he can come home at some stage on saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Jo and Luke - what a special little man! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us - Pauline.