Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Radiotherapy is evil stuff. The consultant told us today they do not like giving it to children. But due to the aggressive nature of Ethan's cancer, it is necessary. They need to radiate the kidney bed to decrease the chance of local relapse. The radiation can scatter to surrounding tissue; including the heart, kidney, bladder and testes, it also decreases muscle and bone growth and development; ribs and vertebrae. Radiotherapy in itself can cause other sarcoma's.

Ethan will have 6 doses of radiation. This will cause nausea, lethargy and diarrhea, so he has been prescribed an anti nausea drug zofran.

Following the radiotherapy sizing/simulation/molding (which he had an anesthetic for) we went to MMC Clayton to have his naso tube put back in. Either Ethan or Adele pulled it out last night in a fight over the train set. While there, we met with the oncologist who said he wants to give the adriamycin chemo drug. He was trying to avoid using this as it can damage the heart, not something Ethan needs more of. "does this suit now" "I suppose so". Adriamycin and vincristine were given this afternoon. Adriamycin is red, so we need to look out for pink urine and tears. It causes nausea, which was confirmed with a vomit in the car park, plus more on the way home, with Jo trying to contain the cytotoxic spew in a shopping bag. Quote from Erin "I'm lucky that Ethan is sick, I get to sit in the front". Adele screamed the whole way home. Not a great finish to the day.

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