Monday, July 12, 2004

cycle 2

Friday night we decided to head to Yarragon for some R and R. Ethan seemed to be tolerating the naso feeds well but he still wasn't eating or drinking. He became pretty miserable and lethargic, and on Saturday he managed to vomit the naso tube out. We therefore spent Saturday arvo in the Warragul hospital. They put the tube back in and were tossing up whether to admit us. With a bit of persuasion we went back to Yarragon. We recommenced the feeds at 1omls/hour with the plan to increase them to 20mls. This didn't go to plan as two hours later the tube came out. We ummed and arred over what to do. We knew he would need to be admitted for some fluid, so should we go to Warragul or back to Monash? We decided to put him to bed and decide in the morning!! On Sunday he was taken back to Monash where he was admitted and IV fluids commenced. He remained pretty lethargic Sunday evening and Monday morning. The IV fluid was increased early Monday and by the time chemo started Monday arvo his blood tests were almost back to normal! Only two chemotherapy drugs were given today. The third was withheld due to his abdo/bowel problems. They are monitoring him pretty closely as one of the chemo drugs is pretty harsh on the kidney and bladder. They have to flush the kidney with a lot of fluid which puts stress on his heart, they also need to check his wee for blood, as well as regular blood tests. Overall he tolerated the chemo very well and is in good spirits. Hopefully he remains like this for the rest of the cycle which should finish Saturday arvo.

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