Wednesday, July 21, 2004

day chemo

Ethan had chemo yesterday. He had to have blood tests first which were all OK so chemo went ahead as planned. He had the chemotherapy drug that affects the bowel and nerves. The oncology team are hoping that it won't have the same results as last time. So far so good.

The oncology team want to give the chemo that affects the heart again but are "nervous about it". They have decided he needs a cardiac review first and once he has been thoroughly checked they will give it. Ethan will be having a cardiac catheter 2nd August (at the kids).  If this goes to plan and they are happy with his cardiac status, he will be admitted for a week of chemotherapy (at Monash). He will most likely have all four chemotherapy drugs. 

The naso feeds are going well. The little man is now a whopping 10.4kg! He has had a couple of vomits but is otherwise tolerating the feeds and some oral intake as well. The main problem with the feeds is keeping the tube in. It came out Monday night and had to be put back in yesterday. If it comes out again before next Tuesday we will either need to go back to have it reinserted or Jo will have to cross the line from Mum to nurse. Hopefully it doesn't come out.

The plan from here is to enjoy the freedom. We have chemo next Tuesday. And then the following week is the catheter and chemo.

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Jen said...

Hello there. I am a friend of Ben's (and believe I met Luke briefly through Ben in 1996 while I was travelling in Australia.) Please know that I am thinking of all of you and especially Ethan every day and praying for Ethan's full recovery soon. I have O+ blood but live in Paris so unfortunately I cannot help Ethan directly but your posts have inspired me to donate blood here anyway. Until something like this happens, it is easy to forget how important something like that can be. Wishing all of you the best.