Saturday, July 03, 2004


All went to plan...we are finally home. He will have radiotherapy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday aswell as day chemo Tuesday afternoon. The following week he will be admitted for the weekly lot of chemo. This will be the long awaited start to the second cycle. 7 months of treatment has already extended to 8. Hopefully he has better luck from now on.


Mary Ann Hoath said...

I'm following you news and wishing you all well.
Are you following 'the tour' this year?

lh said...

Yes, definitely following the tour, couldn't help but stay up and watch the live text updates on the web last night. The Aussies have had a rough couple of days to start with, but mcgee, o'grady and co will come good.
Looking forward to reading more entries in your blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Luke and Jo - phoned yesterday but you had left.Following you each day - mentioned to Heather and Syd re the house at Cowes - they will tell you about it. take care, Pauline and Laurie