Monday, July 05, 2004

still blocked

Saturday evening Ethan started having episodes of abdo pain. We waited to see if it would resolve but overnight the pain became more intense and more frequent, so early Sunday morning we went back to Monash. Ethan had to have more blood tests and abdo xrays etc. The ileus is still playing up and causing a great deal of constipation. The doctors are trying to move things along with oral laxatives (they can't give any rectal meds due to his blood counts). Hopefully he can get things moving. We are not sure what will happen if he can't. Radiotherapy went to plan today and hopefully will continue tomorrow and Wednesday. They will have to stop it if his tummy swells up again. At the moment they are keeping him fasted so the chances of this occuring are low. We will meet with the consultant tomorrow who will advise about chemo but at this stage it will not go ahead.

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