Friday, August 20, 2004

going good

The last few days have been wonderful. We have all enjoyed the taste of normality. (If you can call this normal!)

Ethan is still having naso gastric feeds. He is tolerating these better than before, so I have been able to bolus a few feeds and run it at higher rate overnight. This allows him to have a rest from pushing around the pump during the day. I'm not sure whether he forgets or is just protesting about the pump being in a bright pink dolls pram but sometimes he walks off with out it!! He managed this yesterday and the tube came out. This usually would require a trip to hospital to have it reinserted. It felt like we had just been discharged and we weren't going back!! So I crossed the line once again and became nurse mum! It is good to know that he tolerates this.

He still has a snotty nose and is quite mucusy. This has caused the odd little vomit but nothing major. Hopefully he can fight it off before chemo next week.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear some positives happening for Ethan, and the rest of the family. Keep getting stronger Ethan and continue with the progress. You have a wonderful family behind you.
The Maxfield Family.