Tuesday, August 17, 2004


On Monday the port needle was removed and oral antibiotics commenced. The consultant wanted the needle removed to limit the risk of further infection. The plan being that if he developed a temperature above 38 a peripheral line would need to be inserted and IV antibiotics commenced again, if he remained afebrile for 24 hours we could go home. The latter was achieved and we were discharged on oral antibiotics today. He had blood tests prior to discharge and his counts are coming up and all is looking well. The plan is to stay home for a week and go back next Tuesday for the 5 day cycle, fingers crossed!

I was able to speak with Ethan's consultant yesterday in depth about what happened on Friday. He agrees with the respiratory doctors, that it was all due to the RSV and asthma. He doesn't agree it was pulmonary edema or anything to do with his heart. This is a huge relief.


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Anonymous said...

A stay at home, that is wonderful news for Ethan. I hope this can soon become the norm.

Think of you all everyday.
Keep smiling