Sunday, August 15, 2004

More infection

On Friday at Monash it was noticed that Ethan's port site was looking red. The port needle is meant to be changed weekly to help prevent infections. This was due last Tuesday! The port needle was changed and sent to pathology for testing.

Ethan wasn't as chirpy today. He had a 5 hour arvo sleep and still settled at normal time. He is still suffering with temperatures and his heart rate and respiratory rate are also up. This is a concern as the antibiotics should be working by now. He has also been commenced on a daily hormone injection to help boost his counts.

The doctors believe his port site is redder and is another cause of infection. The pathology report from Monash was followed up. The needle grew a skin bug, so they broadened his antibiotic cover. Hopefully this works and the port site heals. His port is vital for treatment. If the infection becomes worse, it may need to be taken out which would involve a general anaesthetic and delay treatment or even worse the infection could travel the same path thru his vein into his heart, leading to endocartitis and more heart surgery. A concern that most likely wouldn't be an issue if the needle was changed on time..

He is already struggling with the treatment and the thought of more surgery is heart breaking.


Anonymous said...

Just caught up on your latest news and wanted to tell you that our prayers are with you and hopefully Ethan has turned the corner by now and things and looking up. You are all doing such a mighty job, keep up the good work.
The Maxfield Family.

Anonymous said...

Jo and Luke have just read the latest.
Laurie and I are with you all in spirit, each day we think of you . Please take care and thank you again for allowing us to share Ethans journey. God bless, Pauline and Laurie