Saturday, August 14, 2004

pulmonary edema

The temperatures appeared to be getting worse. The respiratory doctors reviewed Ethan and decided a bronchoscopy was needed. An hour later I was told it wasn't needed. I didn't like the thought of a general anaesthetic with him so unwell so this was a huge relief. They had reviewed the tests once more and confirmed RSV, pneumonia and asthma. They changed his antibiotics and started hourly ventolin nebulisers. A side effect of ventolin is hyperactivity. The high heart rate and respiratory rate were here to stay for a while!

I decided to give him a shower and freshen him up. In the shower I notice he was bluer than normal. (The oxygen was already running at 2l/min via the prongs). He then developed goose bumps and looked as if he was going to have rigor. I quickly got him out of the shower to notice the bluer tinge he had was now a grey/purple all over. The buzzer was rang, the monitors put on and oxygen at 10l/min via a mask was commenced. His sats were in the 50's. His heart rate was powering along at 175bpm and respiratory rate and effort were extreme. The respiratory team came back. He was very wheezy and they ordered continuous ventolin for an hour. They also said he was too sick for the ward and an ICU review was needed. The ventolin was commenced and by the time the ICU doctors came, he was as high as a kite. The hyperactivity was now being seen in his behavior. He was still working extremely hard with every breath but he was oblivious. He was wiggling on the bed and playing kicking games with the ICU consultant.

The ICU consultant believed he had pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs). He ordered some lasix to help him wee any excess fluid. He believed his oxygen levels were low due to shunting of blood through his VSD, which limits the blood flow to the lungs. He was too interactive and happy for ICU at Monash but they needed him were they could monitor him more closely. We were transferred, code 2 to the kids.

We went via the emergency department and were then admitted to the 5th floor. I decided not to stay overnight but told them to call if needed. I got home late and didn't sleep much before getting up at dawns crack to get back there. (It would have been better to stay). I didn't know what to expect when I got there. I prepared myself and went in. There was a nurse in the room (not a good sign) , she was trying to put his oxygen back on (a good sign!) He was sating at 88 without any oxygen! I don't know what happened in the few hours I wasn't there but a huge weight lifted of my shoulders. He even decided to try some food.

Not sure of the plan from here. He needs to continue with the antibiotics and they have slowly started his naso feeds. Hopefully we get transferred back or even better discharged early next week.

Mon, It must be hard watching the Olympics knowing you and Luke would have been there. We are extremely grateful for the decision not to go and we are even more appreciative of your support and care for us over the last few months. We are lucky to have you. Thank you.


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