Sunday, September 26, 2004

dodgy cvc line

The CVC line hadn't been in 24 hours before it occluded and had to be removed. The oncology team wanted a line that would last a couple of weeks, but because the anaesthetist inserted a CVC, which can cause a fair bit of scar tissue and possible problems with port insertions, I was pretty pissed off for a while! An IV was needed to continue the antibiotics. The ward doctor had a couple of goes before calling the greater skilled ICU doctor. She was successful on the first go. The antibiotics had to continue for one week. At this stage we weren't sure about chemo. We knew a peripheral IV wasn't appropriate for chemo but weren't sure what was going to happen. Were they going to try a PICC line again or wait for a new port, and if so, how does delaying chemo affect the overall treatment success?

We transferred back to Monash on Sunday night. We spoke with the oncology team Monday morning. The antibiotics needed to continue until Wednesday night and if Ethan remained afebrile we could go home for a couple of days before coming back into hospital for the insertion of a new port and some chemo. The highlight of the stay was getting the king size room, the one with a double bed and a fridge. There was plenty of room for Ethan to play with his trains and to swing a cat if he wanted!

His weight is still hovering. He was 10.8kg on discharge. It has been hard with him being acutely unwell and fasting for anesthetic. Hopefully we have been able to fatten him up before tomorrows anesthetic and chemo. He hasn't been eating much so I am not holding my breath.

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