Tuesday, September 28, 2004

new port

Ethan had a new port inserted yesterday. This went to plan with no complications. His third nipple is now positioned on the right! He handled the surgery well with the only problem being a little pain but nothing some pain killers couldn't control. He was reviewed this morning and chemo was commenced this afternoon. He put on half a kilo in weight due to all the fluid so some diuretics were given to help flush it out. They are trying to run his naso feeds with his IV fluid so that he will continue to put on weight. (The naso feeds usually get turned off while he is having chemo). Not sure how this will go considering he has already puffed up.

He had't had chemo for a while so his mood and energy levels have been through the roof. The girls and their mum didn't know what hit them over the last couple of days. Underneath his paleness and beanies is a very active boy!! Look out world when this is all over!!

The highlight of today was the opening of a children's playground at the hospital. It wasn't the playground that excited us but the fact that we were on tv. Ethan was on the channel 10 and 7 news. It was pretty weird seeing him on tele but bloody exciting! We also got to meet Andrew Gaze, which was pretty cool. He had a bit of a play with Ethan and we had our photo taken etc.


Anonymous said...

What an exciting day for you all! You should call Channels 7 & 10 and get a copy of the news item. What a great picture with Andrew Gaze and the other pics of Ethan put a smile on our faces. It is very uplifting to read of such a good day and we look forward to hearing more good news once chemo is complete! Joan and Andy

Anonymous said...

We saw Ethan on both the Channel 10 news and also on Channel 7. Also got a quick shot of Jo on Channel 7. Hope the chemo goes well and you have some smooth sailing for awhile. The world is ready for this energetic little boy to get well and keep everyone on their toes. It maybe a bit more hectic for you the family, but we would love to support you all when you are just tired because Ethan is so well and active. Looking forward to that day.
Love from The Maxfield's