Tuesday, September 14, 2004

port infection

The blood in Ethan's wee lessened over the course of the week. His fluid levels remained high to flush the bladder, and by the end of the week we couldn't see any more blood. I don't think the surgical registrar was pleased with Ethan weeing on him, but it showed us everything was improving!

The IV antibiotics were continued via the peripheral line until Thursday. On Thursday, the doctors decided the port had to be accessed. The plan was to put antibiotics directly into the line to kill off more bugs. The port was accessed, bloods taken, and the antibiotic slowly injected over 30 mins. This went to plan, there was no septic shower and no need for the emergency drugs!

His oxygen levels remained borderline and with his nose being completely blocked I decided that oxygen via nasal prongs wouldn't be helping, so I took them off. The doctors agreed with this and his levels remained borderline without oxygen.

The only reason Ethan was still in hospital was for antibiotics. The doctors decided we could be discharged with carelink nurses. Carelink had other ideas though. They weren't taking new admissions for the weekend, they didn't have the funding, blah, blah, blah- but we have Claire, the oncology resident who stands her ground. We were discharged Friday evening with daily carelink nurses. The plan was to go back Tuesday for a few days of chemo (providing the port was responding to the antibiotics).

On Saturday, it was confirmed that the bloods taken from the port were still growing the infection. The plan was for more blood tests and a review on Tuesday.

We had our review today. It was confirmed the line is still infected. It will be removed on Friday. A semi permanent peripheral line will be inserted so chemo isn't delayed too much and then in a few weeks, another port will be inserted. An ultrasound was ordered to check the line. They weren't expecting to see anything, it was just routine, but as usual another hurdle! They found a clot. Not sure what this means and what impact it will have on the reinsertion of a port. I guess we will find out on Friday.

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