Tuesday, October 26, 2004

changing of the guard

Ethan has remained happy and full of energy over the last couple of days. The antibiotics finished today, his blood counts were good considering he had chemo last week so day chemo was given. After this we were given the all clear to go home.

Every few months the doctors have to rotate. It appears that every time we get into a comfort zone, they rotate and we start over again. Today was particularly sad as we said goodbye to Claire and Dzung. These two doctors have been a good support to both Ethan and myself. The care provided by them has been amazing. We have been lucky to have them care for us and we are extremely grateful.

Ethan and Claire.

Ethan and Dzung

During the week we also said goodbye to 'nurse princess Katie' who has also been wonderful. Erin loved going to hospital to see nurse princess and misses her already.

Ethan with 'nurse princess Katie'

We have one cycle of chemo to go. After this Ethan will have all of the tests he had before chemo. This will give the answer to the big question I am sick of.....is the chemo working? After this the port will be taken out and we can start thinking of heart stuff.

Cheers Jo

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