Wednesday, October 20, 2004

chemo part?

The week at home was pretty good. Ethan even started to eat and drink, so I took the naso tube out to see if his appetite would increase more. I was worried about him becoming dehydrated and losing weight but it was worth a go. The kids loved being home and were all pretty hyperactive.

We went back yesterday. The usual routine, have blood tests and then go up to the day unit for assessment and to start the chemo before being admitted on the ward. His blood counts indicated he wasn't dehydrated at all but he had lost weight. It was still good to see him with out the tube eating. His other blood counts were all OK so chemo was going ahead. They were getting ready to access the port to start pre hydration when all of a sudden Ethan felt hot. I took his temp, 38.9. I Couldn't believe it. He had been so good at home, his counts were good, how can he be sick before chemo? The port was accessed and more blood tests sent off.

We were reviewed and it was decided that he wasn't well enough for chemo, there was no need for antibiotics, and that they would review him tomorrow. A couple of hours later, he had another temp, this time even hotter, 40 degrees. Antibiotics were commenced.

Hopefully he will stop having temperatures and chemo can be commenced soon.

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