Tuesday, October 05, 2004

daily dressing

Ethan was much the same today. Active and happy one minute, fast asleep the next. He has lost weight over the last couple of days and is now 10.5kg. The nasogastric feeds were increased to 45ml per hour to help maintain it.

The runny nose isn't any worse. The daily hormone injection he is having to help boost some of his counts must be working! The wound is even starting to look better. The daily dressing has made a huge difference and it is simple enough for me to do at home.

The short term plan is to insert an IV tomorrow and take some blood. He will then have day chemo and we will go home. We should be home for a while but I am not holding my breath.

We are going to have a meeting about reducing the length of chemo. There is concern about his cardiac status at the moment. His oxygen levels are running low most of the time, he has began sleeping a lot and he is sweating like crazy. All signs of cardiac stuff but this could also be chemo related. The little man is to complex to understand. The meeting may not happen for a few weeks as the next couple of chemo cycles are not cardiac toxic.

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