Tuesday, October 12, 2004

looking good

On arrival at the ward yesterday we were informed Ethan was very hyperactive. He wanted to walk so the doctors took him, he wanted to play so the doctors played with him. Luckily they weren't too busy and could do this. He had a pretty good morning and was looking a bit tired after lunch. In the afternoon we put him to bed and decided to have some lunch and time out. We came back to be told he didn't sleep. He had been hyperactive and was scooting around the ward. This was a shock and hard to beleive until he came running around the corner with no attachments! He looked really good and had some colour in cheeks. It was the best I had seen him for a long time.

While we were gone, they ceased all antibiotics and took the port access out. They did the port dressing, gave his last injection and took the needle thing out of his leg. They had also ordered his discharge medications. We were going home.

He was looking good and I was positive things would be good at home. We were pretty excited. Ethan walked to the car and once he was in the car seat he started coughing and dry retching. We hadn't even left the place. We still took him home hoping it was a once off. He was good for the rest of the evening but I was still hestitant to run the naso feeds overnight incase he was sick.

He had a reasonable night. He woke a few times but was easy to settle. I hooked up the naso feeds this morning and will bolus them during the day. He is pretty good at the moment so hopefully we can stay out until next Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear some good news. We hope you have a lovely weekend and all goes well without any hospital visits until next Tuesday.
Love from Fr Tom and Judi