Sunday, October 10, 2004

rack up another admission

Ethan remained happy and active at home but he had a vomiting issue. In the 48hours we were home the naso tube had to be reinserted a handful of times and I was concerned he was getting dehydrated so on Friday I took him back. On arrival at Monash he also threw in a temp. He had some blood tests and was admitted for antibiotics and feeding issues.

He has had a blood transfusion due to a low hb. This helped him look a little better but not a huge improvement like in the past. He has had borderline temperatures but nothing too hot and he has had only a couple of vomits.

The girls and I had a sleep over at the hospital last night. This was pretty exciting for the kids but very tiring for me. It was good to have three excited kids together without the pressure of how Ethan will cope. It is a shame it had to happen at hospital and not at home though. Thanks to all the nurses who allowed this to happen and the PSAs who provided meals.

I am unsure of the plan from here. We will chat with the oncology team tomorrow and go from there.

Ethan's nurse friend

tough nut Ethan

Kids enjoying their hospital sleepover with Ethan

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