Wednesday, October 20, 2004

TLC donation

Today started as usual. When the girls wake, we dress them and put them in the car. It's the one day we have breakfast together. The girls are pretty excited about this as they love spending the day at the hospital. After breakfast, the play therapist came by with some goodies from TLC. TLC donated two boxes of toys for Ethan. One box was full of 'The Wiggles' and some CD's and DVD's and the other full of train stuff. The kids had a ball opening it all. Ethan and I were pretty overwhelmed, but the girls dug in. Erin said it was just like christmas! The day started very well.

Ethan was reviewed and chemo was commenced. He didn't have fevers overnight and the docs were happy with all reports. By late afternoon Ethan's temp went up and he was rigoring. He was reviewed and more blood tests and a snot test were done. Apart from the temperatures and looking pretty pale, all other obs have been good. He has remained happy, active and he is still eating and drinking! This is very unusual but very pleasing.

Overall he has had a great day playing with his sisters and all of the new toys.

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