Thursday, November 04, 2004

cardiac concerns

Ethan's vomiting settled and he was looking OK so we were discharged last Sunday with a review planned for Monday. On Sunday night he tolerated the feeds well but was having mild temperatures, and looking a little bluer. We were admitted Monday.

He has lost more weight, breathing faster especially with exercise, sleeping more, and looking bluer. Blood tests indicated his Hb was still a little low but a blood transfusion wasn't needed. He was commenced on antibiotics for the temperatures and a cardiac review was ordered.

Sarah (Cardiac doctor) who sees us out at Monash reviewed him and ordered an echo. The results of the echo were to be expected....his cardiac condition has progressed and needs attention.

The plan:
* a blood transfusion to help improve his exercise tolerance and hopefully make him more comfortable (Having this now).
* stay in for oxygen as required (currently on .75L)
* the LAST cycle of chemo next week
* she will talk to Dr Jim (cardiac doc at kids)hopefully tomorrow and then let us know of the outcome.

Cardiac intervention will be sooner rather than later. If he didn't have cancer a cardiac catheter would have been done in July/August so we are lucky we have got this far before intervention. It would have been a nightmare if chemo had to be stopped for cardiac reasons. We will be in hospital for a while! Readdress mail to: c/o 41North, Monash Medical Centre!

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