Tuesday, November 09, 2004

cycle 8

Ethan had a blood transfusion last Friday. This made him more comfortable and allowed the oxygen to be weaned. We were seen by Sarah and Dr Jim agrees he should have cardiac intervention sooner rather than later.

The last chemo cycle has started. It has been reduced to 3 days rather than the initial 5 days. He has had a few vomits and has lost weight but he is doing really well considering everything.

We managed day leave on Sunday. We had a family day with Thomas. Thomas the tank, the fat controller, and grumpy the green bus have a show at puffing billy. The day includes a ride on Thomas and grumpy, face painting, a petting zoo etc. Despite the horrible weather we all enjoyed ourselves. It was good to see the kids so excited.

In anticipation

Thomas on the turntable

Adele actually sharing food!

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