Wednesday, November 10, 2004

end of chemo party

Ethan has managed quite well during his last cycle. He has had a few vomits but nothing major. The doctors have kept a close eye on him. During chemo he has to have high amounts of fluid to flush his kidney and bladder but not too much as it puts pressure on his heart; it's a fine line.

Today was his last dose of chemo (we hope!). We had a party on the ward to celebrate. There was party food, balloons, streamers, etc; the usual kid party stuff. During the morning Erin and Sonia (Challenge worker) made invitations and decorations. It was huge!

Ethan received a few pressies from the nurses and doctors, which he loves. It is all thomas stuff of course!

"Adele, that's gross!"

Eleanor & Annette - Ethan's muso friends

"Thanks Claire and Dzung"

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