Saturday, November 20, 2004

more febrile neutropenia

Ethan developed a temperature on Wednesday night or should I say early Thursday morning! Ethan and I had a big night in emergency before being sent up to the ward. They haven't found the cause of his infection but he is snotty, he has a cough and the port is looking pretty crappy.

The night nurse accessed his port for blood tests but it didn't back flow. She said it flushed well and the morning nurses could try later. The morning nurse tried but wasn't successful either so the access was removed. After the needle was removed the port leaked a lot of fluid and some of the swelling went down, apparently the access wasn't in the port, lucky he wasn't having chemo through it! The suture line is also breaking down more.

A surgeon came to look at it but with his counts being low, I told him he wouldn't be touching him. The oncologist came later and also agreed with this.

The plan is to boost his counts, (He is having a daily hormone injection for this) Boost his weight, which is slowly progressing and to continue antibiotic therapy until the fevers stop.

We asked for day leave today to go to the Southern Cross Christmas party at the zoo, we were told we had too chances; buckleys and none! The girls and us went and had a good time. Thanks to the Bells who kept Ethan entertained!

The girls at the zoo

The princesses opening their Christmas present

Ethan playing with his Christmas present

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Anonymous said...

Well guys you didn't get to spend much time at home. Unfortunately Jo was right in expecting to be back in hospital before the week was out. Here hoping that the next trip home will last for a long time. Enjoy the Christmas presents kids.
Thinking of you all,
Judi Maxfield