Tuesday, November 16, 2004

post chemo weekend

Ethan finished post hydration last Thursday. This would usually mean discharge but he was starting to be short of breath and blue looking. A blood transfusion was ordered. Hopefully this would allow us to stay at home more than one night!

We were discharged on Friday. He was still vomiting a little but nothing we thought couldn't be managed at home. We decided to go to Yarragon for the weekend.

Ethan continued to vomit on Friday and Saturday. We were getting nowhere; Ethan would vomit the tube up, I would put it back down, Ethan would vomit the tube up. Ethan was taken to the Warragul hospital with dehydration. The doctor wanted to admit him and start IV fluids but I didn't think this was needed, so with a little persuasion I inserted the naso tube and started gastrolyte. The peadiasure feeds were stopped. We were discharged with the plan to go back if the vomiting persisted.

He managed to have enough gastrolyte to rehydrate. I am guessing he has lost a lot of weight this weekend. The peadiasure has polyjoule added; the most calories they can do via nasogastric feeding. With this running continuous he hasn't gained a lot of weight (11.1kg on discharge), so I can't imagine him holding his own without it. Hopefully he will tolerate it soon so that he can begin to bulk up.

We have managed to stay out of hospital since Saturday. He will be reviewed tomorrow and hopefully a plan as to the next steps will be decided.

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