Monday, December 06, 2004

goodbye port

As usual nothing goes to plan, well almost nothing.

Ethan developed a temperature yesterday. The port site was looking worse, there was a hole in his chest and the port disc was trying to remove itself! We were admitted for antibiotics and a surgical review today.

The port site- with black disc visible!

The surgical team came and decided the port needed to be removed before it fell out. This was originally booked for Tuesday with his post chemo scans. The doctors didn't want him having two anaesthetics so were busy organising it to be done under the one anaesthetic today. This was the part that went to plan. He went to theatre and while he was still under GA was transferred to CT and then transferred back to recovery. He took a while to wake up, but was happy playing and walking around later today.

On Saturday went we enjoyed our first Challenge Christmas Party. It was huge, they had rides, lots of food, animals, Santa and more rides. The kids had a ball.

Adele and Ethan flying the plane

Erin had to go on the Ferris Wheel

Ready, Set, Go!

It's a long way down...

but I'll have a go!

Stay off the road with this one driving!

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