Thursday, December 09, 2004

post port removal

Ethans temperatures persisted. He had a horrible day on Tuesday. He was febrile all day which made him pretty miserable. He had become fairly snotty and had started vomiting. We found out that the CT was all clear, there was no signs of cancer. This was great news but I found it hard to be excited as he was so unwell.

The suture line from the port removal looks really clean and good. The surgeon cut away the horrible skin and put it back together nicely. The sutures can be removed on Monday.

Ethan had a bone scan this morning. This is the last post chemo test, for now anyway. I haven't heard anything yet but we are expecting good news.

He is still having the odd temperature and is vomiting a bit but nothing we can't deal with at home. So this afternoon we were discharged. Hopefully he gets better before the cardiac catheter on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Hope Ethan is feeling well enough now for you to be excited by his results. May everything run smoothly for you all so that you can have a great Christmas. Gorgeous pictures of all the children.
Cheers from The Maxfield's