Monday, January 17, 2005


Ethan has remained wheezy on and off since our last hospital admission but nothing a few puffs of ventolin can't fix!

We had the follow up appointment as planned and the docs are happy with him. They don't need to see him until the 22nd of Feb. He will have an ultrasound and xray as routine follow up on this day.

At the time of the appointment, he had put on 100g and grown nearly 2cm. He is still eating by himself without the tube and is managing quite well. He decreases his intake when wheezy but we just add more calories to compensate.

His cardiac appointment is not until 1st Feb. It is a long wait considering how blue he goes sometimes but at the same time it is good to be home. Catch 22 really. I have spoken to Dr Jim a couple of times and if we get concerned (more than usual) we are to take him to emergency.

Ethan had his birthday yesterday. He is now 3, kinder next year and then school! When looking back at all that has happened it is hard to believe he is only 3. We all had a good day and Ethan was impressed with his presents.

nude drummer boy

Is there money inside??

BMX bandit

Ethan could have his Thomas and eat it!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ethan. Wow the big 3! Great to hear you are growing bigger when the rest of us are trying to lose the Christmas rolls. Hopefully 2005 will be a good year for all the Hanley's with lots less time with doctors and hospitals.
Regards to all from The Maxfield's