Wednesday, February 02, 2005

cardiac review

Ethan had the long awaited cardiac appointment yesterday...

After his cardiac catheter in December Dr Jim felt they would push on and close his VSD and increase the blood to his lungs by changing the conduit, but after many discussions with the surgeons they have decided not to put him through surgery just yet. The surgeons believe they can't close the VSD safely at the moment. They also believe the blood flow to his lungs is adequate enough to get by, so they don't want to change the conduit either. They would prefer to hold off and hopefully do it all together in one go at a later stage.

We spoke to Dr Jim about Ethan's asthma being pretty active and unfortunately kids with his type of cardiac condition have asthma. We were given another couple of ventolin scripts!

His weight is down since December but he has grown a couple of centimeters. Dr Jim isn't concerneed, it is quite normal and 3 year olds don't put on a lot of weight.

Next cardiac review is in 4 months. Oncology review coming up on the 22nd Feb.

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