Saturday, February 05, 2005

ear infection

Ethan has had a snotty nose and has been chesty for over a week now. This usually causes concern about more asthma. We have been lucky that his asthma care plan has worked. He has been having ventolin every four hours. The snot he was producing was running like a tap. He was even getting conjuctivitis. Nothing too concerning, this is quite normal when he has a bug.

But what is normal. On Saturday we couldn't see in Ethan's ear. He had huge amounts of pus oozing from it. A visit to the doctor diagnosed acute otitis media (an ear infection). The pus and fluid produced in the middle ear caused a lot of pressure and ruptured the eardrum allowing it to drain into the ear canal. He has been commenced on oral antibiotics and ear drops that contain an antibiotic and a steroid for anti inflammatory purposes. They took a swab and has a review next week.

The doctor was asking about pain. It usually has fair bit of pain associated with it. I remembered he let out a pretty loud squeal while shopping. He pulled at his ear (which is a habit of his at the best of times) and had some blood in his mouth. As he was eating at the time, I thought he had bitten his tongue!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Ethan. It doesn't seem fair that he has to have everything. Just when things were going along well. Hope he is back on the mend soon and playing those drums.
Regards from The Maxfields