Friday, February 18, 2005

happy snaps

Sorry about the delay!

Special services have been in contact with us. It is going to take about 8 weeks until they can assess the little man. They tried to push us into another speech group but I insisted they do an assessment.

I took him to a speech pathologist. He needs a ENT referral to make sure he has the ability to make the sounds needed for talking. We are in the process of this.

He has now begun full toilet training. Day 1 of training today, 5 hits and 3 misses.


Anonymous said...

Great pics, who's piano are they at? JH

Luke said...

That's Kristens piano

Anonymous said...

What beautiful children. Ethan looks so grown up and so well. Good luck with the toilet training, lots of patience needed but fantastic when it is all over.
May the good progress continue.
Cheers from The Maxfield's.