Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Another issue

Special services came last week. They overloaded us with information regarding different programs and groups that could benefit Ethan. They are going to perform a developmental assessment and referrals to speech pathology and a physio have been done. After all this, we need to research all options and work out what is best!

The 'make a wish' foundation also gave us a visit last week. They delivered a box full of toys for Ethan and some things for the girls too. It was a pretty exciting. We all had a good morning.

We have also seen the paediatrician. Ethan's alk phosh is still elevated but all of the other blood tests are normal. A huge relief. The paediatrician diagnosed hyperalkalinephosphatasia or something like that. In our elevation of his alk phosh, in conjuction with a virus. It usually occurs before the age of 2 and can take up to 6 months to recover. Ethan will need regular blood tests to monitor it but hopefully it comes down by itself soon.

His asthma is still all over the shop. He has been commenced on a 9 day course of prednisolone and is requiring his ventolin regularly. Hopefully the prednisolone kicks in and he can get over the viral chest bug which is still hanging around.

The Easter Bunny found the kids in Castlemaine this year.

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