Sunday, March 06, 2005

review and holiday

A lot has happened since the last entry.

On the 22nd of February Ethan had a follow up xray, abdominal ultrasound and blood test. He was given the all clear. His blood test revealed his Hb was in normal range but too low for his cardiac condition. He subsequently has commenced a 6 week iron supplement program to boost this to about 170-180. We went home feeling pretty positive about things only to hear that his chest xray revealed his bones looked too thin. This meant back to Monash for wrist, tibia and ankle xrays. These xrays were all clear, but another blood test is required at his next 6 week review. This visit coincided with an audiologist consultation. Hearing was checked and found to be normal - green light for speech therapy.

Ethan with the boss man - Dr Peter Downie

Ethan is currently enjoying a family holiday in Pambula Beach and Canberra. He seems to have progressed in the last week and a half. He is eating and drinking well. There is no chest wheezing. His toilet training is also good.

Catching up with Nanna Hanna before the holiday

Soaking up the rays

Playing with the roo's

One of many trips down the toboggan


Anonymous said...

Lots of positive news, good to hear. Hope the holiday is lots of fun and normal time for the whole family. Crop of hair is growing well and congrats on the success of the toilet training. Nice to hear that good news for John Hanley too.
Keep up the good work.
Love from the Maxfield's

Anonymous said...

It's great to see Ethan and his sisters looking so well and happy! The holiday snaps are delightful. It's about time your family had some good fun quality time - enjoy!
Cheers, Joan and Andy

Anonymous said...

who had more fun on the tobaggon?
Great to see you all enjoying yourselves!
Hugs and kisses to you all
The Olssons xxx