Thursday, April 21, 2005

still waiting

Not much has changed since the last entry...

We are still waiting for special services to perform a developmental assessment. It is annoying as we can not plan the next step. We need to work out early intervention programs and kinder programs based on their findings.

He has received a place at the Dandenong Valley music playgroup. There are two early intervention teachers and the program is designed to help speech. The first session was on Monday. All 6 kids are delayed (in two or more areas) but for many different reasons. Very interesting! Even though it is quite a loud and disruptive group, Ethan enjoyed himself.

Ethan has had more blood tests. The alkaline phosphatase is still elevated. We have an appointment with his paediatrician next week to discuss it. I am assuming it isn't any higher as no news is good news. We know it is still high due to the time it has taken to measure it in the lab.

The viral chest bug is still hanging around. He has had it for 7 weeks now. He is still having intermittent temperatures of 40 and is now onto his 3rd lot of antibiotics. Hopefully these do the trick as I am pretty tired from spending hours with him trying to reduce fevers and settle him in the middle of the night.

His Hb is now up to 150. He is full of beans and starting to be a real little boy, (when he doesn't have a temp) hopefully because of the rise in Hb and not from copycat learning during his music group!