Thursday, May 12, 2005

evil canevil

Ethan's paediatrician appointment went reasonably well. The alkaline phosphatase is even higher, it's above 4000 now. The blood tests have indicated that it is coming from liver not bone as first thought. The paediatrician isn't too fussed and he seems to think it will come down by itself.

Ethan has follow up appointments over the next month, (with all of his doctors) so we will get to the bottom of it.

Ethan has an appointment with the respiratory doctor tomorrow (Dr David Armstrong). The snotty nose is still hanging around playing with his asthma. It is a part of his everyday life, lucky he knows no better!

His oncology appointment (Dr Downie)is next week. The usual tests have been ordered; Blood tests, abdominal ultrasound and chest xray. This is always a nervous wait, even though they don't expect to see anything!

He has a cardiac appointment (Dr Jim) on 7th June, Radiologist appointment (Dr Wheeler) on the 8th June and another paediatrician appointment (Dr Smith) on the 29th June.

We are still waiting for the developmental/speech check. This should also be carried out during the next month.

Hopefully after all these appointments, everything settles down and we have all the answers!

He is still attending speech pathology and music group. He enjoys these and is making progress.

A physiotherapist review was carried out. Ethan is coming along well in this regard. The foot drop is getting better and they don't need to see him again. He has become a lot more active. He rides, runs, jumps and dances. He is also quite a little dare devil. The other day he pushed all the chairs to the kids table in a row (1-4), placed the little bob couch at the end of the row, went outside grabbed his bike helmet. He then proceeded to climb up chair one, he ran across all four chairs and dived onto the couch. I had a heart attack and he had a laughing fit!

He has also learnt to climb. Hopefully he doesn't graduate from the small chairs to the dining table!

(photos of evil canevil will be posted soon!)