Thursday, June 09, 2005

cardiology appointment

Ethan had his cardiology appointment on Tuesday. His oxygen sats managed to creep up to 78%. They are not going to do anything about this; The same issue, we can change the conduit but can't close the VSD. They would like him to sat higher but they don't have many options. Dr Jim was very pleased with his progress since our last appointment and he doesn't need to see him for 6 months unless we start to worry about his progress. I spoke to him in detail about low sats and development and immunity etc. He seems to think the low sats won't hamper him too much, the 22q11 will be a bigger issue though.

His radiotherapy appointment was on Wednesday morning. Dr Wheeler is happy with his abdomen and how his organs have coped with the radiotherapy. They wanted to arrange scans and follow up appointments every three to six months. I mentioned Dr Downie was scanning every three months, no need to double up, happy for an appointment in 6-12 months. On leaving, an appointment was made for the 7 June 2006! (Dr Downie can correspond with them if there is a need before the 12 months!!).

He has another GP appointment today as his ear is still oozing. I am assuming more antibiotics. He still has no pain and has not had any temperatures.

Respiratory - Annual follow ups
Radiotherapy - Annual
Cardiology - every 6 months
Oncology - every 3 months
Paediatrician - every 3 months
Speech - weekly
Music - weekly
creche - weekly
GP - too bloody often!

But he is getting there.


Anonymous said...

Great that he has so many people looking after him. He is going so well and is a terrific little boy, he is a real credit to you all. Keep up the good work. Love to all the family.

Anonymous said...

Wow things have come such a long way and it is nice to see the appointment intervals getting longer, even more so for you I am sure. Glad to hear all is doing well.
Judi Maxfield.