Friday, July 22, 2005

mycoplasma pneumonia

Ethan's chest xray showed right middle and lower lobe and some left lower lobe changes. With a temperature and an increase in breathing we were referred to Monash. At Monash they did the usual blood tests and commenced IV antibiotics. They diagnosed mycoplasma pneumonia (for those not medically trained it is more common in teenagers than little tackers). The pneumonia wasn't sensitive to the oral antibiotics he was taking. A new antibiotic was prescribed and we were discharged. Only a two day stay. The alkaline phosphatase is back to normal :) and his hb is 150 (still trying to get to that 180 mark)

All was going well at home. He was half way through the antibiotic course when he had another temperature. Another doctor visit, another perforated ear drum (Same ear as the previous three) and more antibiotics. He has been on some sort of antibiotic for well over a month now. We have to go back in a couple of days to monitor the healing and to get a referral to an ENT specialist.

He has missed more speech therapy and creche. He had the worst of it during music group holidays so he didn't miss any of that. This term at music group he is to attend by himself. He had his first self lesson last week and apparently went well. We are relying on friends to drop him off and pick him up due to the time slot. Lucky for us he has always been easy going and things like that don't bother him.

Tonight we are all going to the Lion King. VSK managed to get us 5 tickets. Erin (who has already seen it thanks to challenge) and Adele are very excited, not too sure about Ethan though. He's not too fond of loud things (other than his poppy) so it will be interesting. When we saw puff the magic dragon he clung to me like a koala and this is a lot louder!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you all enjoyed the Lion King. It was a great show. Was talking to Nanny Kaye today and she said she dropped in for a quick visit today and got hugs from the three children. Hope everyone is on the improve.
Judi Maxfield