Sunday, July 03, 2005


Since the last update;

More antibiotics for the ear infection, a few days of gastro and bronchitis, so even more antibiotics.

He finished the course of antibiotics for the bronchitis but something wasn't right. He was grunting a lot and sleeping more but when he was up and about he was happy and playing like nothing was wrong. Was something not quite right or was I being over reactive? We saw the paediatrician and Ethan most likely has a form of pneumonia! We discussed the plan of attack and it was decided to hold off with the xray and try more antibiotics first. I was given the xray slip to get done if I felt he needed it. He has another appointment next week to keep an eye on it and if it isn't any better he will need to have an xray and blood tests.

Even though he has been sleeping more and grunting he is coping extremely well. He is still active and gets up to plenty of mischief. He still attends speech therapy both at group and one to one. He really enjoys both. Not too sure if we are wasting our time and money though!!

Luke will post some photos (as I still haven't learnt how)tonight or tomorrow.

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