Tuesday, July 12, 2005

sick kids

Ethan had the follow up appointment with his paediatrician last Wednesday. It went extremely well. The antibiotics had done their job and his chest was clear. He didn't need another script and we don't need to go back for three months. All pretty exciting after a month of infection.

The high didn't last long though. He woke with a temperature Thursday morning. To cut a long story short, all 3 kids have been unwell for the last few weeks. One gets over it and another gets it etc. They all had GP appointments today. Ethan has an ear infection and most likely pneumonia. He has to have a chest xray in the morning followed by another doctors appointment. He has been commenced on oral antibiotics and can stay at home for now but the plan may change to IV antibiotics depending on the xray result and whether he has picked up at all since today. (The GP was happy to refer him to monash today but we decided to see if the oral antibiotics would have an affect first).

He has missed a lot of creche, music group and speech path due to being sick so hopefully we can get on top of it and he can make some progress in these areas.

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Anonymous said...

I guess there are lots of colds and sickness going around at the moment but you seem to have had more than your fair share. Hopefully things are beginning to pick up now and you have three happy little children again.
Judi Maxfield