Wednesday, August 17, 2005

ear trouble

Since the last update...

Ethan went to see Dr Long on Monday. He began getting hot easily and then a moist cough developed as well as grunt breathing. As the xray still wasn't right a prompt visit to get on top of any pneumonia. All was well other than a noisy chest. After much discussion, the outcome was to prescribe some steroids rather than antibiotics.

He wasn't even out of the surgery for 30mins before he started discharging ooze from his left ear. A phone call and script left at the front counter for some antibiotics. Another perforated ear drum. How unlucky can he be.

On Tuesday before the script was collected he was very mucusy and his cough had worsened another appointment. Plan to continue with steroids and commence the antibiotic. Come back again if not getting better.

Today started off pretty good. The thought was maybe he'll get better without further intervention. That thought passed pretty quick when his right ear drum perforated. So another appointment tomorrow. Lucky he likes Dr Long!!

He is looking pretty blue at the moment. A result of having an infection and being clumsy. He was jumping on the bed and fell onto his cheek. He has a massive blue bruise from ear to nose. The fall hasn't stopped him though. He was caught jumping on the coffee table today. He sat in time out for 5 mins before he got up and did it again! He is very mischievous and naughty at the moment.

Attempting to hide in toy box.

And he wonders how they get scratched

Mum won't be mad for long when she realises I've made her a coffee!

Stacks On!

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