Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ENT review

Ethan's left ear was still discharging at the time of review. A change in antibiotics and some more ear drops were ordered. The change in treatment wasn't really doing much when I noticed a bloody discharge from his right ear. Another GP visit, more ear drops and a referral to an ENT (ears, nose and throat specialist)requesting his opinion about grommets (tubes in his ears). He has had 5 perforated ear drums since feb, not good for any one especially a boy with speech delay. We have an appointment in a few weeks.

Ethan has also had his developmental assessment. This was conducted by an early intervention worker and a speech pathologist. It was very interesting. They will send out a formal report. However they did make some comments on the day; "His chronological age is 42months the assessment placed him at 34months", "His visual capacity is very good", "He is good at matching shapes and colours", "He lacks some problem solving skills", "He has good concentration". Overall I was pleased with the intense 2 hours.

The speech pathologist has recommended Ethan have a full ENT review. (This will fit in quite well as he needs the ENT for his ears. He isn't sure about a couple of things and would like the review to hopefully rule out throat/nose problems. He has also given us some exercises to try and teach Ethan how to move his mouth and tongue. After he masters these exercises he can move onto exercises to help with sounds.

Other than the ear infections, things have been pretty positive.


Anonymous said...

of course things have been positive...he's a clever boy! it also helps that he gets that off his mother:)...happy times for the hanleys we hope!
love the olssons( 2nd family)

Anonymous said...

Hope the ears are clearing up so Ethan can move on with his progress in other things. It is great that things are sounding so positive. Just be careful how much you teach him to speak, before long you will be telling him to be quiet for awhile. I hope so anyway.
Regards, Judi Maxfield