Friday, August 12, 2005

oncology appointment

Ethan had his oncology appointment and scans the other day.

He had to fast for the abdo ultrasound. I didn't think this would be a problem as he usually wakes in the morning and starts playing. It can be a real struggle to make him eat. He is also the last up so I thought we could all eat and he wouldn't know any different but that wasn't the case. Ethan woke first, and came to me with a bowl and the box of wheatbix!! Why is it when he is not allowed to eat he wants to? Very hard explaining "no you can't eat".

So to make it fair the girls and myself were made to fast too, we couldn't eat in front of him when he was so hungry. The ultrasound was at 8:30am so it wasn't that big of a deal. I packed enough food for breakfast and lunch so they could eat straight away. Ethan also had to have an xray and blood tests. Before the ultrasound they noticed the food bag. Tears everywhere. Not happy campers. The ultrasound took longer than usual. A new lady, three hungry kids, and a mother who needed a caffeine hit, not a good room to be in!!

He was shoveling down some food when they called for the xray. He wasn't happy about this and decided to tell them with a mouthful of food of course! Once he realized what was happening and that he gets to smile at the light he was very apologetic and even cuddled the nice apprentice who came for us. He sat up like Jackie, puffed out his chest and showed them how it is done! After the xray he apologized again.

The blood test was next. Another interruption in the eating cycle but they have the wiggles behind the door so it is OK. First he tells the nurses, separately of course, who each member is before he takes a seat and puts out his arm. This is where the girls begin to get upset. Needles and blood and its not fair etc but all is forgotten when the hear the word sticker. Ethan chooses the biggest Pooh bear sticker just to piss Adele. He smiles at her the whole time pointing. Adele and Erin push, shove, scratch, hit and miss out. More tears from the girls!!

The kids polish off all of the food before we get upstairs. They have full tummies, Sonia, Katrina and Kate upstairs. Happy campers finally!

While I am still getting through the door gasbagging Kate has weighed and measured all three kids. Ethan put on 1 kilogram and grew 1.5cm. We were all pretty excited until Kate told us Adele's measurements. She is officially taller than him. All was forgotten about the pooh bear sticker as "Me taller!"

The waiting room was busier than usual but plenty of activities and games so I could finally sit and relax. There was a girl in the waiting room, we had run into her during our scans. I had never seen her before so she was obviously a few years off treatment. Leukemia kids don't have ultrasounds and chest xrays, must be a solid tumor, maybe kidney?. I pulled out my badge and began questioning! The girl had her left kidney removed when she was four (Now 9). An amazing morning swapping stories with the adults in the room. One thing that came from it is that....We are extremely lucky.

We saw Peter and all is good. No signs of cancer. Still some signs of pneumonia. Another appointment in 3 months. I spoke to Peter about kidney tumors and finally meeting someone else. Over the last 11 years there has been an average of 1 diagnosed every year (in Victoria).

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Anonymous said...

Well busy times as usual and some good results. A nice growth spurt, even if Adele is winning at the moment.
Judi Maxfield