Wednesday, December 07, 2005

face paint and parties

Ethan has been busy in the last month. Not with doctors appointments but with christmas celebrations! This is the first time he has not had a hospital admission leading up to christmas. It is good to see his reaction to the festive season.

Luke had some annual leave in November. We did a couple of day trips to the zoo and beach. These days were enjoyed by all. Ethan actually ventured off the towel at the beach! He not only walked on the sand but he also went knee high in the water. I never thought this would happen!

The camp quality christmas party was held at the zoo this year. The kids enjoyed the entertainers, the carousel, and their presents from santa. It was good catching up with the other families we went through treatment with (some who aren't as lucky as us).

The next christmas party was SCCS, Luke's work. This day was spent at the Healesville races. The kids loved watching the horses. Ethan was excited. He would light up making the sign for horse but this was nothing compared to when the ambulance would go past. The sign for that and the noise was a lot louder! The fairy face painter upset him by not knowing how to paint Thomas. He settled with spiderman but he let her know he was cranky. Luckily when the presents came out Ethan received a thomas book. All was forgiven.

Challenge put on their massive christmas party. This is the biggest most spectacular christmas party. There were rides upon rides. The kids absolutely loved it. Ethan enjoyed the car rides, swings and slides. He even convinced the face painter to paint Thomas. He was a happy boy! Santa gave him a big Bob the Builder. He was pretty excited about that too.

The heartkids christmas party was the day after. The kids were exhausted but still managed to have a good time. They had a kids play about rudolph and Australian animals. The kids enjoyed it and are still singing some of the songs. Santa was a huge hit with Ethan. He was liking the idea of a present and wouldn't take his eyes off him. Ethan was given a batman torch. He plays with it non stop. In the middle of the day, I find him in the pantry shining the bat logo onto the cereal boxes!

Today we had the KOALA christmas party. This was held at a miniature railway. Ethan had a ball. I'm surprised his hand didn't fall off with all of the train signing! I chose a tiger for Ethan's face paint. He was a little disappointed it wasn't Thomas or spiderman but warmed up to the idea quickly once he saw it and everyone was commenting. He looked pretty cool. Today we caught up with many people. It was a good day enjoyed by all.

As well as christmas parties Ethan also received a parcel in the post from Dr Claire. The thomas jumper was a huge treat. It's not allowed to be washed and if I manage to sneak it into the machine I get in big trouble and he definitely doesn't like waiting for it to dry.

To the medical side of things. He has a chest infection causing his asthma to play up. We have increased the ventolin and started antibiotics. He also has a perforated ear drum. I rang the ENT waiting list as it has been longer than originally planned. They said early in the new year. I would have liked it before christmas, well actually I would have like it a few months ago!


Anonymous said...

an awesome treat for all...about time you guys got to enjoy life!
love the Olssons:)xxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow what a busy time you have had. I am glad that it has been parties that have keep you all busy. Have a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a great 2006. Hope Santa comes to Erin, Ethan & Adele.
Judi Maxfield